Our Expertise


Estate Planning & Philanthropy

We understand that today’s families want a comprehensive approach to wealth management that integrates their family values. The right strategic approach can ensure that a family’s giving is consistent with its values, goals and mission.

We use a four-step process that combines knowledge and strategic thinking to add real value to affluent families and their advisory teams. The process is simple, yet comprehensive:

  • Vision – Know where you are going
  • Strategy – Build a plan to get there
  • Stewardship – Engage your family responsibly and amicably
  • Measurement – Ensure you attain the results you desire

Eastport Financial Group’s philanthropic advisory services enable families to pass on a more sustainable legacy to future generations.

Retirement Planning

Comprehensive retirement planning goes far beyond saving money. It’s about having a ‘game plan’ that involves setting and monitoring goals, balancing investment risk and tracking progress. It also involves balancing your sources of income by being conscious of taxation and estate enhancement

Allow us to be your planning partner in navigating the areas of investment risk, product options, taxation and income security. The right strategic retirement plan balances these complexities with your family’s retirement goals and desires.

Employee Benefits and Compensation

A strong and productive team of employees is paramount to a small business. Let Eastport Financial Group help you attract talented employees to your business by having comprehensive employee benefit and retirement programs. We use our inside knowledge of the industry and our negotiating skills to help you get the most value from your benefits dollar in the following areas:

  • Employee benefits
  • Group RRSP and pension plans
  • Salary continuation plans
  • Executive compensation

Succession Planning

You have contributed a lifetime of hard work and devotion to your business. Your business may have been built by generations of family members, and your hope is that generations to come will continue to value and benefit. Our individualized inter-generational wealth planning transfer process will help to balance continued growth and success of the business while ensuring family harmony and philanthropic objectives remain intact.


  • Residential Mortgages
  • Commercial lending
  • Bank negotiations
  • CAP/SWAP rates

Our Process


The process itself is simple.  What is most important is getting to know you as a whole person. Your life is so much more than just a balance sheet.

1) Discovery – learning about the whole you:

  • What you believe in
  • What you’re passionate about
  • What worries you
  • How you want to be remembered

2) Planning

  • Life is busy and full of distractions.  We’ll work to create an action plan
  • This plan needs to align your financial goals to your beliefs, passions and goals
  • This can range from retirement planning, exit strategies from your business, protecting you, your family and your business.

3) Implementation

  • Put the plan into motion based on your goals

4) Maintenance

  • Ongoing review where we’ll work together to manage the results and adjust as needed