Eastport joins the Scotiabank Charity Challenge

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Here at Eastport we are excited to announce we are a part of this years Scotiabank Charity Challenge at the Blue Nose Marathon. The Scotiabank Charity Challenge is unique fundraising program available at six Scotiabank sponsored marathon events across Canada.

You can find our Charity’s homepage here:

As a part of the JDWL Foundation all of the funds raised during our Charity Challenge will be given to the Parker Street Food Bank. This organization in Halifax supports low-income families, by providing food, clothing, supplies, furniture, and funds for critical bills (heat, water, power).

It wouldn’t be much of a challenge if we weren’t running in the Bluenose as well!
Jonathan will be running a half marathon, Michelle will be running the 10k, and Sarah will be participating in the 10k.
Stay tuned! As we be adding runners to our team and providing updates on training adventures!


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